Solo vs. Group Hiking

When it comes to hiking it can be difficult to figure out whether going it alone or in a group is right for you!

Personally, I think there are a couple of factors at play here that you need to address when making this decision.


Hike Length

How long is the hike you’re going on? Is it an easy 3 miler that you know you’re capable of? A Trail you’ve done countless times before?

Going solo might be a great option for you if this is the case!

If it’s a longer or more technically challenging hike; something you’re not entirely sure you’re ready for?

This sounds like the kind of hike you want to reserve for a group or with a friend.


Difficulty of the Hike

Similar to hike length, how hard is this hike going to be?

There have been longer hikes that I’m not sure I could have completed at the time I did if it weren’t for the amazing people I trekked with encouraging me when I felt weak.

If you’re not sure of your capability to do the hike, make sure you’re with a buddy.


What Do You Hope To Accomplish?

This one might seem odd but bear with me here.

A lot of my hikes have led to personal breakthroughs and time for reflection because I’ve set out on them alone.

If I had hiked with a group I wouldn’t have had that same experience.

Before you plan your hike take a second to ask yourself what you’ve looking to get out of that experience.

Do you want to bag a difficult peak? Chill for summit beers with some buddies? Go on a fun adventure?

Bringing friends is probably the move here!

Do you want time to reflect? A break from your day to day? A little time to recharge?

Maybe a solo hike will do you some good!


How to Find Your Group

If you’ve read through these questions and decided that a group hike is what you’re looking for but don’t have a group, here are some tips and tricks to finding one in your area!

  • Ask a friend! If you’re new to hiking ask a friend who wants to get into it as well, or someone you know who likes to hike!
  • Join a group! If you’re a girl, the Mtn Chicks Group is amazing and has a chapter in every state! If you’re not, or just want more options: MeetUp is awesome for finding outdoors groups in your area!
  • Reach out through Instagram! I’ve ended up going on a few hikes now with people who have reached out to me through Insta. Make sure you’re being safe about it, but this can be a great

So, there you have it!

I don’t think that solo or group hiking is superior. In fact, I believe that there are tremendous up sides to each.

Just figure out what works best for you, and don’t be afraid to mix things up!


Question: Do you prefer solo or group hikes? Why?




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