How to Be More Eco-Friendly When Traveling

With the Holidays in full swing travel is taking place left right and center!

For me personally I have four flights this month alone and another two in the coming months.

I was thinking about how much waste I would have been contributing if I didn’t have a pack ahead plan.

As hikers, it’s important to LNT on the trails, and I try to extend that into my daily life as much as possible!

So, without further ado, here are a few tips and tricks for minimizing impact when you travel!

  1. Bring an empty water bottle. I know this is in every guide ever but pack your regular water bottle (I have a Nalgene that comes everywhere with me!),you save water bottles, money, and keep up hydration levels!
  2. Carry a collapsible cup. If you’re a backpacker, chances are you already have a collapsible cup. Either way, swing by your local outdoor gear store and scoop one up! The flight attendants are more than happy to fill that up instead of using a plastic cup!
  3. Pack your own snacks. I know this sounds a little odd as a tip for reducing waste but think about how packaged everything is in airports! As long as your snacks are solid you can bring them through security! I like to bring pretty much any of these snacks, or an RXBar to make life easier (doesn’t help with waste, just money)!

There you have it, my tips and tricks! They’re realistically not going to save the planet and reverse global warming, but they’ll definitely help- and they might save you a few bucks in the process!

So you can treat yourself to a little something at REI ;D

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