Holiday Gear Guide For Hikers

The holidays are an odd mix of my favorite time of year because I get to spend it with family, loved ones and everything is peppermint flavored!

The other side of the coin is that it’s cold with an accompanying gloominess that often leaves me in a bit of a funk!

Does anyone else feel this way? Just me?

Either way, holiday shopping is in full effect! And finding the perfect present for your probably very particular about their gear outdoors loving person can be a pain.

That’s where I come in to make life just a little bit easier for you!

Below is a list of ideas ranging from little stocking stuffers to really nice presents if you’re feeling extra generous ;).

Before we jump in, I want to take a second to mention that all of the companies I’ve picked to put on this list have an emphasis on sustainability and giving back to the environment; so these are gifts you can feel good about giving!

Stocking Stuffers

Deck of Cards – I bought these specific cards as an impulse buy at REI and they’re great because they’ve got survival tips and tricks on them! Entertaining AND useful!

Reusable Straws – I kid you not when I say everyone in my family is getting one of these this year. The silicone bend-y part protects your teeth from temperature sensitive metal. I’ve been using these exact ones for months now and they’re reducing my environmental impact and really easy to carry with you! (I have one in my bag at all times!)

Spork –  Sporks are great at this particular one is fantastic because the spoon is on one side and the fork/knife on the other. So they both do their jobs instead of uselessly doing neither.

ProBars – This one sounds like an odd gift, but these things really add up if you’re buying them regularly. Getting them as a gift would be Awesome! My personal fav is the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, but the Superfood is great too!

Camp Meal – Same deal as above. Eight dollars isn’t that much if you’re not buying these things regularly, but if you’re going on a 4 day trip all of a sudden they’re pricy. Toss a couple in their stocking and watch your hiker get ridiculously excited. (Bonus: take a picture of their reaction and send it to me!)

Wild – I read Wild for the first time over five years ago, and have read it several times since. As someone who almost never repeats books, this one is transformative.

Mid-Range Presents

Acupuncture Mat – While this doesn’t look like it fits on here outdoor adventure take a toll on our bodies. This mat helps release built up muscle tension in your back and neck. I’ve had this one for years and it’s helped with my migraines too!

  • If you want to spend the money on a more expensive mat, this one is made of recycled materials!

Ursa Major Recovery Cream – Spending mass amounts of time in the elements takes a toll on your skin. This stuff is ultra hydrating while still being light weight!

Titanium Mug – Back packing means we carry everything with us. Because of this hikers are pretty careful about what they take with them- a mug this lightweight would easily make the list!

Charger Pack – While not the lightest thing I carry it might be the most valuable. Having the ability to keep my phone alive on multi-day trips is everything! This pack has 3 full charges in it.

Reusable Hand Warmers – I haven’t had a change to get my hands (lol) on these yet, but these babies pack 6 hours of heat in them and are rechargeable! Gimme!

Quality Flannel – Flannels rock, and Vermont Flannels are the shit! They’re ridiculously warm, soft, and well made. I’ve gifted these before and they’re always a hit.

Nature Jewelry –  I love the subtle mountain range in this ring! Etsy is a great place to find nature inspired pieces and support a small business owner. Win-win!

The Big Gift

Camp Wrap – I came across this puffy poncho-cape thing while working on this post and I love it! If you’ve got a camper who’s always cold this is the gift for them!

Rumpl Quilt – Outdoor quilts have gotten really popular lately. Whether it’s for hanging out at the park or your summer “sleeping bag” this blanket is the move. Plus it comes in a ton of cool patterns and colors!

Folding Chair – No one wants to sit on the ground. This camp chair is light weight and guaranteed to be a winner for late night campfire hangouts.

Synchilla Snap-T – I am the proud owner of 3 snap-t’s at this point. much like in Mean Girls and the question how many is too many- The limit does not exist. Trust me on this one, a Snap-T is always the perfect present.

An Experience – The majority of the best gifts I’ve ever received have been experiences. Check out your local REI to see what classes they’re offering or check out the local organization in your area!

  • Liftopia: has awesome deals on lift tickets and rentals all over the US!
  • REI: offers cool classes like Wilderness First Aid (something I’m trying to get under my belt!)
  • Local: I live in Charlotte and a seasons pass to the White Water Center would be amazing! Find out what your area offers!

As always, all of the opinion on this post are unsponsored and my own.

Question: What’s on your wishlist this year?!

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