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Hiking Clothes Wish List for Fall 2018

Happy Fall Everyone!!!

Crisp leafs, a gentle chill in the air, and warm cider donuts after an early morning hike! I’m gonna get a little vapid in this post, and talk about the fall hiking clothes that I’m dying to get on my body. Listen, I’m not hiking for the picture; but I’m also a huge believer in documenting our accomplishments, and for me that includes hiking and the trip along the way. So yeah, I want to look and feel cute when I’m hauling my ass up a mountain.
So! Without further ado here’s my personal wish list of shirts, sweaters, pants, hats, the whole shebang!
I want to take a moment to mention that everything I’ve picked out comes from companies that have a mission statement of being as sustainable as possible and giving back to the environment. I can’t speak enough about how important I believe it is to use your purchasing power to support what you believe in. Yeah, sometimes it costs more money, and that can really suck, but in the long run I want to be able to hike and enjoy nature when I’m 87 years old, and I think this is a great step to take towards ensuring that reality

Hiking Tops

Recover Women’s Long Sleeve Sport TeeHeather Blue

There are 2 things I like about this shirt. The first is the color. I dig a blue in pretty much any scenario, so this is a major plus for me and I think it’ll transition well to winter as well! The second thing I like about this shirt is that while it is long sleeved its really moisture wicking. I took a kayaking clinic a few weeks back and one of the guys there wore one of these both days. We were in and out of the water a bunch, and within 20 minutes the sopping wet shirt would be totally dry again!

Price: $29

Burton Base Layer Tech Tee

burton tech tee


I have a soft spot for Burton. They were created and located in my home state and their company culture just feels so great and insane to me! I’m a skier, but I own a bunch of their gear (I snag it at their warehouse sale when everything is like 70% off). Their stuff is my go to when I ski in the winter because it’s amazing and I Love the way this top looks.

Price: $69.95

Hiking Sweaters

Vermont Flannel Fitted Flannel

vermont flannel

I have their flannel hoodie and it’s the most comfortable sweater I own. I love that their flannels are locally made, and all of the colors are just really classic. I love flannels, and all of the new colors that are coming out are awesome, but the classic red and black checkered look is timeless and I need it.

Price: $53.80

Patagoinia Synchilla Snap-TW's Lightweight Synchilla® Snap-T® Pullover, Batik Hex Big: Bend Blue (BKBE)

Listen, I own 2 of these things and they’re the best! They’re cozy, warm without being suffocating, and also have the best prints! I want to get one in a size up so that I can hide in it!

I’m personally not into the price tag on this item, so here’s my hack for this. I’ve gotten both of my sweaters for half the price! I found the first on a facebook group and the second was last seasons so it was on sale! I also monitor Patagonia’s worn wear site which offers their products that have been previously owned. It’s legit and you can find some awesome stuff on it.

Price: $49-$119

Hiking Pants

PrAna Halle Pant

I want these pants more then I want anything else on this list! They’re chic, they’re functional, and they come in lengths short AND tall!!! I’m 5’10” and it is so hard to find pants that don’t look cropped on me, so I think these would be amazing for staying a little warmer on the trail and not looking like full blown hiker trash when you get off of the trail.

Price: $85

Hiking Shoes

Astral’s TR1 Junction W’s

I’ve been a die-hard fan of Astral Designs since I bought one of their PFDs back in 2013. Seeing the launch of their shoe line and watching the sheer level of growth they’ve had in the past two years has been insane. I don’t own any of their shoes (yet), but if the quality is anything like that life jacket they’re sure to be well worth the money!

Price: $130

Ember Moc

womens teva ember moc

I’m gonna level with you guys, these might be the ugliest pair of shoes I’ve ever seen. And for whatever reason I see them and all I want to do is wear them while sitting around a camp fire drinking spiked cider. How good does that sound?!

Price: $75.00


Hiking Accessories

Wm’s Bronx Pom Hat

women's blue pom pom hat

love the pom pom pom on this hat! It’s so fun and it comes in three different colors so you could match it to you gear if you wanted to!

Price: $35.00

Wm’s Darcy Hat

purple slouchy hat

The slouchy look this hat offers is adorable and would transition so well from the trails to the streets! My hair is a full blown sweaty disaster when I finish my hikes so it would be great  to look at least a little more put together while I stay warm!

Price: $30.00

So there you have it; my fall wish list!

Will I buy all of these things? Probably not, as a newly minted young professional with bills to pay I just don’t have the budget for them all. Realistically I’ll get one or two of these pieces and call it a day, but hopefully it’ll help point some of you in the right direction and keep you warm in the colder days coming our way!

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